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This is a collection of 36 banjo instruction manuals. You can search the collection in several ways: names of authors, composers, lyricists, arrangers, performers, publishers and printers. We also provide of list of over 1500 songs demonstrated in the tutors that you can access directly.

Related Resource

19th Century Banjo Instruction Manuals.
The 19th Century Banjo Instruction Manuals is a digital exhibit created during the Summer of 2011 by Catherine Crone '13. Ms. Crone's exhibit goes into more detail about five of the tutors from this collection and includes a selected history of the banjo, biographies of the manual compilers, and a partial bibliography of primary sources for further research. This research was funded by an Emerson Summer Collaborative Research Award. (Faculty advisor: Lydia Hamessley, Professor of Music).

(Reviewed: February 1, 2013)



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