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Shaker Publications

Sample issue of The Shaker Manifesto, the official Shaker journal


The Shakers published a periodical under four different titles from 1871 to 1899: The Shaker (1871-1872), Shaker and Shakeress (1873-1875), The Shaker (1876-1877), The Shaker Manifesto (1878-1882), The Manifesto (1883-1899). This digital collection presents the entire run. It can be browsed, or searched throughout the full text.

Digitized Materials

  • The Shaker Manifesto

    The official monthly publication of the United Societies of Shakers of America from 1871 to 1899.

    We display images and transcription of every page of a full run of the journal: 16 volumes, 349 issues, and 8,136 pages.


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