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Servers and Data Storage Devices


Category Value
Computer name burkelib-14
Domain Name
IP Address
Brand/Model ?
Processor Xeon 5160, 3 GHz
RAM 3.25 GB
Disk Space C: 25 GB D: 120 GB E: 440 GB
OS Windows Server 2003? R2, SP2
Web software IIS 6.0?
Public Applications ereserv (PDFs) used by Voyager
ALEX (856 data files)
Off-line Uses TEI files used by CONTENTdm with calls to eXist
TEI files called by Shaker Manifest (PHP calls toeXist)
Backup Plan Monthly full: E:/Archives, eresrs, pc_images
Roadmap To be replaced in 2018.
Category Value
Computer name lib
Domain Name
IP Address
Brand/Model Sun 880?
Processor ?, ? GHz
Disk Space C: ? GB D: ? GB E. ? GB
OS Sun Solaris 10+
Web software Apache?
Public Applications Voyager (ALEX)
Off-line Uses ILL lookup, etc
Backup Plan Nightly snapshot One snapshot stored off-site periodically
Roadmap To be replaced in 2012(?)
Category Value
Computer name contentdm6
Domain Name
IP Address, port 80
Brand/Model VMWare
Processor Intel Xeon X5355, 2.66 GHz
Disk Space

drive c: Operating system
drive d: - CONTENTdm program server files
drive g: - "content5": CONTENTdm data files area (SAN drive)
drive g: - "libArchive": protected, long-term storage area (SAN drive)
drive i: - "libSpace": Working Master files storage area (SAN drive)

OS Windows 2008? R2
Web software IIS 7?
Public Applications CONTENTdm
Off-line Uses drive i: - Working Master files area (SAN drive)
Backup Plan ITS managed (periodic update snapshots, daily incremental, monthly? full)
Roadmap Data to be migrated to Islandora in 2017-2018.

Storage Systems

Removable Hard Disk Cradle
Category Value
Device Name None
Brand/Mode2 Thermaltake BlaX
Share name none
Disk Space Holds up to 2 SATA hard disks at a time.
Public Applications None
Use Local backup area for files created for digitization projects by the Library's systems staff
Contents Create backups of files from various sources
  • Lacie 1 (CONTENTdm staging area)
  • Peter's desktop
  • Old versions of Web site
  • In-process digital collections
Backup Plan None
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(Reviewed: June 6, 2017)