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Backups and Archiving

The following server areas are involved in the Hamilton College Library digital Collections and are regularly backed up.

Backup Locations
Content Description Server Location

CONTENTdm program files

\\contentdm\d\Program Files (x86)\OCLC\*

CONTENTdm data files


Working files


Archival Master Files


eXist program/database

\\burkelib-07\d\Program Files\exist\*

eXist data files


Daily - incremental backups to tape of all three areas (by ITS).

Weekly - archive of Data area written to tape. Tape kept off site and replaced every four months (by ITS? by Library Systems?)

Archiving to Optical Media

When data is written to optical discs for offline storage the disc format should be selected carefully. The recommended medium (as of December 2007) is the DVD+R format (silver-layer Taiyo Yuden discs). If CDs are used, Gold layered CDs are used. After burning, verification procedures should check whether an exact image of the data was created on the disc.

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(Reviewed: September 27, 2010)